RetroEvolution Band

Let's get this party started...




6th February                   9pm                 Durham Ox, Shrewley

25th March                     8pm                 Bowling Green, Lichfield

7th May                          7pm                 Golden Cross, Ardens Grafton

27th May                        9:30pm            Watchmakers, Coventry

28th May                        7pm                 Wedding, Coventry

4th June                         7pm                 Private Party, Meriden

25th June                       7pm                 Private Party, Coventry

2nd July                         9pm                 Bedford Street, Leamington Spa (acoustic trio)

13th August                   7pm                 Wedding, Oxfordshire

27th August                   7:30pm            Inn On The Green, Ingham

28th August                   9:30pm            Watchmakers, Coventry    

3rd September              7pm                 Private Party, Coventry

30th September            9:30pm            Watchmakers, Coventry

14th October                 7pm                 Aston Cantlow Village Hall

22nd October                9:30pm            Broomfield Tavern, Coventry

12th November             9pm                 Bedford Street, Leamington Spa (acoustic trio)




20th February                9:00pm           Durham Ox, Shrewley (electric trio)

27th March                    9:00pm           Durham Ox, Shrewley (electric trio)

24th April                       9:00pm           Tom O'The Wood, Rowington (acoustic trio)

9th May                         7:00pm           Private function, leamington

23rd May                       7:00pm           Wedding, Coventry

20th June                      7:00pm           Wedding, Bosworth

27th June                      7:00pm           25th Wedding Anniversary, Coventry

3rd July                         9:00pm           Durham Ox, Shrewley (electric trio)

4th July                         7:00pm           Wedding, Upton on Severn

11th September            9:00pm           Durham Ox, Shrewley (electric trio)

30th October                 9:00pm           Tom O'The Wood, Rowington (acoustic trio)

31st October                 9:00pm            The Bowling Green, Lichfield (electric trio)

28th November             8:30pm            The Oak and Black Dog, Stretton On Dunsmore

10th December             8:30pm            The Bowling Green, Lichfield (electric trio)

24th December             8:30pm            The Bowling Green, Lichfield (electric trio)




17th January 2014         8:30pm          Bamboodle, Stratford (acoustic trio)              

7th February 2014         8:30pm          The Dog and Partridge, Alcester (electric trio)

8th February 2014         7:00pm          Private function, Coventry

22nd March 2014           7:00pm          Private function, Stratford (acoustic trio)

11th April 2014               8:30pm          No.1 Shakespeare Street

3rd May 2014                 7:00pm          Wedding, Leamington Spa

24th May 2014               7:00pm          Wedding, Corley

7th June 2014                7:00pm          Private function, Stratford (acoustic trio)

23rd August 2014           7:00pm          40th Birthday, Coventry

30th August 2014           7:00pm          Wedding, Hertforshire

13th September 2014     7:00pm          Wedding, Brandon (electric trio)

25th October 2014          7:00pm          Wedding, Leicester (acoustic trio)

31st October 2014          8:30pm          The Dog and Partridge, Alcester (electric trio)

11th December 2014      7:00pm          Christmas Party, Dunchurch Park Hotel

12th December 2014      7:00pm          Christmas Party, Dunchurch Park Hotel

13th December 2014      7:00pm          Christmas Party, Dunchurch Park Hotel

28th December 2014      7:00pm          Wedding, Coventry

31st December 2014      7:00pm          NYE at The Moorings, Myton



Previous Dates




18th January 2013           9:00pm        The Holly Bush (acoustic trio)

1st February 2013            9:00pm        Bamboodle, Stratford (acoustic trio)

1st March 2013                9:00pm        Bamboodle, Stratford (acoustic trio)

15th March 2013              8:00pm        Private Party, Leamington Spa (acoustic trio)

16th March 2013              7:00pm        Wedding, Coventry (acoustic trio)

23rd March 2013              7:00pm        Wedding, Stratford Upon Avon (acoustic trio)

12th April 2013                 9:00pm        The Frog, Bidford Upon Avon (electric trio)

19th April 2013                 8:30pm        Bamboodle, Stratford (acoustic trio)

20th April 2013                 8:00pm        The Maudslay, Coventry (acoustic trio)

3rd May 2013                   8:30pm        Bamboodle, Stratford (acoustic trio)

6th May 2013                   12:30pm      Warwick Races (acoustic trio)

18th May, 2013                9:00pm        Solihull, (electric trio)

24th May 2013                 8:30pm        Bamboodle, Stratford (acoustic trio)

25th May 2013                 7:00pm        Lime Tree Social Club, Coventry (charity fundraiser)

26th May 2013                 7:00pm        Wedding, Quorn

7th June 2013                  8:30pm        Bamboodle, Stratford (acoustic trio)

15th June 2013                8:00pm        Wedding, Blackburn (electric trio)

18th June 2013                7:00pm        Corporate Event, Warwickshire

29th June 2013                8:00pm        Wedding, Blackburn (electric trio)

30th June 2013                5:00pm         High Pavement, Warwick (acoustic trio)

6th July 2013                    8:00pm        Private Party, Coventry

12th July 2013                  8:30pm        Bamboodle, Stratford (acoustic trio)

20th July 2013                  8:00pm        Wedding, Appleby Magna

17th August 2013             8:00pm        The Maudslay, Coventry (acoustic duo)

23rd August 2013             8:30pm        Bamboodle, Stratford (acoustic trio)

7th September 2013         7:00pm        Wedding, Coventry (electric trio)

13th September 2013       8:30pm        Bamboodle, Stratford (acoustic trio)

14th September 2013       7:00pm       Wedding, Gloucestershire (electric trio)

28th September 2013       7:30pm        Wedding, Coventry (electric trio)

11th October 2013            8:30pm        Bamboodle, Stratford (acoustic trio)

8th November 2013          8:30pm        The Albany Club, Coventry

9th November 2013          8:00pm       Dinner Dance, Stoneleigh

7th December 2013        8:00pm         The Maudslay, Coventry (acoustic duo)

20th December 2013        7:00pm       Wedding, Coventry (acoustic trio)

31st December 2013        7:00pm        The Moorings, Leamington Spa




20th January 2012           7:00pm        Private Party, Coventry

11th February 2012         7:00pm        Private Party, Earlsdon Rugby Club, Coventry

3rd March 2012                9:00pm       The Four Provinces, Coventry (acoustic trio)

17th March 2012              9:00pm        The Maudslay, Coventry (acoustic trio)

31st March 2012              8:00pm        The Old Shepherd, Coventry

12th May 2012                 8:00pm        Wedding, Coventry

2nd June 2012                 4:00pm        Touch FM event at Caldecote Park, Rugby

2nd June 2012                 9:00pm        Apex Stage Limetree Park, Coventry

15th June 2012                9:00pm        Albany Club, Coventry

30th June 2012                8:00pm        Private Party, Coventry

25th August 2012            8:00pm        Wedding, Coombe Abbey, Coventry

1st September 2012        9:00pm        The Four Provinces, Coventry (acoustic trio)

7th September 2012        8:00pm        Private Party, Alcester

14th September 2012      9:00pm        The Holly Bush, Alcester (acoustic trio)

20th October 2012             9:00pm       The Four Provinces, Coventry (acoustic trio)

27th October 2012           8:00pm        The Old Shepherd, Coventry

24th November 2012        8:00pm       The Maudslay, Coventry (acoustic duo)

8th December 2012          9:00pm       The Four Provinces, Coventry (acoustic duo)

14th December 2012        8:00pm       Private Party (Brinklow) (acoustic trio)

22nd December 2012       9:00pm       The Holly Bush, Alcester (acoustic trio)

31st December 2012        8:00pm        The Manor Hotel, Meriden




28th December 2010      1:30pm         Coventry City Football Club (solo)

 1st January 2011           1:30pm         Coventry City Football Club (solo)

15th January 2011          9:00pm         Hearsall Golf Club, Coventry (acoustic trio)

12th February 2011        9:00pm         Private Party, The Maudslay Pub, Coventry

19th February 2011        8:30pm         Bar Eden, Coventry (acoustic duo)

27th March 2011             3:00pm         The Maudslay Pub, Coventry (acoustic trio)

 1st May 2011                 3:00pm         The Maudslay Pub, Coventry (acoustic trio)

6th May 2011                 10:00pm        Escape Bar, Coventry (acoustic trio)

7th May 2011                  8:30pm         The Great Western, Warwick (acoustic trio)

5th June 2011                 8:00pm         Millsy's Bar, Coventry (acoustic trio)

11th June 2011                8:30pm        Hawkes Mill Club, Coventry (acoustic trio)

19th June 2011               6:00pm        The Maudslay Pub, Coventry (acoustic trio)

25th June 2011               8:30pm        Private Party, Harbury (band)

 8th July 2011                  8:30pm        Wedding, Nottingham (acoustic trio)

 9th July 2011                  8:00pm        Private Party, Coventry (acoustic trio)

16th July 2011                 8:00pm        Private Party (acoustic trio)

23rd July 2011                 9:00pm        The Greyhound, Derby (solo)

 4th August 2011             8:30pm        Wedding, Stratford Upon Avon (band)

19th August 2011            6:30pm        Wedding, Coventry (acoustic trio)

20th August 2011            8:30pm        Wedding, Leicester (acoustic trio)

21st August 2011            6:00pm        Kingswood Tavern, Nuneaton (band)

26th August 2011            1:00pm        Wedding, Dunchurch Park Hotel (solo)

27th August 2011            9:00pm        Heathcote Inn, Leamington Spa (band)

10th September 2011      9:00pm        Private Party, Wolverhampton (band)

17th September 2011      9:00pm        Wedding, Dunchurch Park Hotel (band)

1st October 2011             7:00pm        Acorns Fundraiser, Earlsdon (duo)

23rd October 2011          1:00pm        Wedding Fayre, Manor Hotel, Meriden (acoustic trio)

12th November 2011       6:00pm        Coventry Rugby Club (4 piece, with Jac,Anthony,Matt)

10th December 2011       8:30pm        Wedding, Kent (band)

16th December 2011       7:30pm        *RetroEvolution Christmas Party*, Spencer Club, Cov

17th December 2011       7:00pm        Christmas Party, Coventry (acoustic trio)

27th December 2011       1:00pm        Wedding service, Brandon (Malc solo)

27th December 2011       7:00pm        Wedding, Burbage (acoustic trio)

31st December 2011       7:00pm        Hawkes MIll Club, Coventry (acoustic trio)



Thanks for a great night Malc! Band were brill. We stayed later with the iPod too...Thanks again. I shall spread the word of your brilliant band to all party planners!


Kath, Dec 2010



Thank you so much to Malc and the Band for making my birthday such a special fun day, the music was fantastic and the effort you made to match my theme was brillant you had everyone up dancing and the party was enjoyed by all. Everyone has commented on how much they enjoyed the party and how brilliant the band are and such lovely people. Thank you again for a great time, hope you can play for us again sometime x


Inga Griffin, May 2010